sachin srivasatva  said:: (02/09/2016 06:27)

Hello sir i am sachin srivastava from varanasi . now i am working at .net web developer in varanasi at AS Graphics next.

Amit Srivastava  said:: (02/09/2016 07:07)

Hello sir i am Amit srivastava from varanasi . now i am working at senior accountant.

Aman Singh  said:: (02/09/2016 07:26)

Good Morning Dear Sirs/Madams, First of all, thank you so much for giving this opportunity to tell about myself with you. My Name is D S Shivarudrauah. I born and brought up in Kadathur and I completed studies in Gouribidanur and Bangalore. I have completed MA in History at 2002. I have 23 years of work experience as a store manager. My strength is Hard working and eagle to learn. My hobbies of reading books and reading News Papers. That's all about me sir. Thank you.

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